Lete’s Knits « Awesome Sauce Sweater Kal 2015 du 1er février au 30 avril »

Si cela vous dit de participer à un kal en tricotant un modèle de Lete’s Knit aka Justyna Lorkowska, que ce soit sweater ou cardigan, c’est le moment. Il a commencé hier et est ouvert jusqu’au 30 avril et vous pourrez gagner un prix.


Pour les modèles de sweaters ou cardigans, c’est par ici:


Pour moi, ça tombe super bien, car je viens juste de commencer « Lanvad ».

Justyna Lorkowska est une créatrice polonaise que j’aime beaucoup, elle crée beaucoup de choses différentes, et très jolies.

Le badge officiel


If you want to participate to a KAL and to win some very nice yarn prizes, you can knit a sweater or a cardigan by Justyna Lorkowska aka « Lete’s Knit » and try to win. You have until April 30th to complete and finish your project if you want to have a chance.

Please, have a look on Lete’s Knits group on Ravelry.

The list of the different patterns (adults and kids) is below / la liste des différents modèles (adultes et enfants) se trouve ci-dessous:

Welcome to the Lete’s Knits AwesomeSauce Sweater KAL 2015.


When does the KAL begin?
The KAL will begin on Feb 1st and it will end on 30th April 2015.

Can I join at any time?
Yes, of course.

What patterns can I use for this KAL?
All sweater and cardigan patterns are eligible for both adults and kids.

Alecia Beth
Behind my Back
Breaking the Waves
Casual Lace
Cloud Bay
Fickle Heart
Grown Up Cozy
Mrs Skyler
New Chapter
Peacock Eyes Cardigan
The Big Cable by Justyna
Three Braids
Willow Creek

Beetle Hoodie
Bobbly Bunch
Carabe Kid
Cicada Pullover
Grasshopper Cardigan
Mousie by Justyna
Peachick Eyes Cardigan

Where can I ask questions, chat and share my enthusiasm?
You will be able to talk and ask as many questions as you wish in this thread. Please do not feel shy, do share your enthusiasm with us and have fun 🙂

What if I don’t like sharing and talking?
Don’t worry. Nobody will force you to chat with us. You can be as silent or as talkative as you wish. However, please do post wip and FO pics to participate in random prize draws.

Will there be any prizes?
Yes!!! As you know Justyna loves giving prizes 🙂

How will the prizes be awarded?
Prizes will be awarded in various categories shown in post no 3.

Do I need to finish the sweater to get a prize?
Yes, if you would like to win the main prize. Otherwise, no, you don’t.

Do I need to tag my project page?
If you wish to take part in prize draws, you do. The tags are sweaterKAL and letesknits.
Moreover, if you are a social media person, do not hestitate to #tag your pics with #AwesomeSauceKAL and #letesknits. We will be more than honored to see your pics on instagram and other social media. There will be random prizes for social media too!

Is there a KAL badge?
Yes, there is, feel free to slurp it for your projects or Avatar! You can slurp from here!

If you have any other questions please ask them and the moderators will add them to FAQ list.

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